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Top 5 Cars Under 1.5M To Buy For City Commute

Anybody who’s lived in Nairobi long enough knows how unreliable public transport can be. From “watu wa kupiga seti” who give you the impression that the bus is almost full to the driver switching routes for a “shortcut” that leaves you walking miles to your destination. Not to mention the madness that comes with most… View Article

Peach Car Of The Week: 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-200 Review

A Mercedes is a car that will tick all your emotional senses in a way that no other car can. And the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C200 is no exception. We guarantee you won’t get enough of this car. It is attractively styled, classy-looking, and quite efficient. Basic Features Comfort and Design: Mercedes-Benz C200 Interior There are… View Article

Introducing Money254: Your Trusted Financial Partner

Have you ever taken an expensive loan, that you didn’t even need to sign up for in the first place? Spent tonnes of money on something you ended up regretting like, let’s say, buying a written-off car? Lost money on an insurance product that sounded like a good deal at the beginning?  Been there, done… View Article

Peach Car Of The Week: 2014 Toyota Passo Review

Arguably the most popular hatchback in the Kenyan market, the Toyota Passo lives up to its reputation. The Passo is compact, great on fuel, and cheap to maintain yet it also has a roomy interior that’s comfortable for drivers and passengers alike. Basic Features Comfort and Design: Toyota Passo Interior The Toyota Passo has been… View Article

The People Of Peach: Lillian Murugi’s Lesson To Young Women In STEM, And Experience Meeting The Italian President

For most people, the teenage years after clearing high school were really trying times. You have no idea what you want to do with your life, and you feel lost. The experience wasn’t any different for Lillian Murugi, the Peach Cars inspector. But all that changed when she discovered her fascination with cars- not only… View Article

Peach Car Of The Week: 2009 Suzuki Escudo Review

The Suzuki Escudo, also referred to as Suzuki Grand Vitara, is a multifunctional midsize SUV suited to urban commutes as well as driving out to see shosh in shags. The Escudo is one of Kenya’s favorite cars, with reasonably priced maintenance and good fuel economy. First introduced in 1988, the Suzuki Escudo has undergone several… View Article

Legal Documents To Have When Buying A Car In Kenya

“When the time came for me to buy a car, I was a bit hesitant because of all the horror stories I’ve heard about rogue car dealers. Buyers who got swindled out of their money, those buyers who thought they were getting a good deal but instead ended up with a piece of junk they… View Article

Peach Car Of The Week: 2014 Nissan Serena Review

The Nissan Serena is an economical human hauler and a family-friendly minivan. Equipped with a 2L engine, the Serena is a low-fuel-consumption car, providing ample space for whatever you carry. This 4th generation Serena follows on the heels of its predecessor, which was the best-selling minivan in Japan in the late 2000s. Basic Features Comfort… View Article

Understanding Car Insurance: A Simple Guide To Buying Insurance For Locally Used Cars

You just bought a car from Peach Cars. You are ready to hit the road, whether to just enjoy a leisurely drive, run errands, or get to work and back home. But first things first. You need to get car insurance.  Car insurance is compulsory for all motorists driving on Kenyan roads. But it also… View Article

Peach Car Of The Week: 2014 Subaru Levorg Review

The Subaru Levorg station wagon is a medium-sized car that bridges the gap between the smaller Impreza and the bigger-sized Subaru Legacy Touring wagon. It is genuinely different from the norm and is refreshingly simple, solidly built, and practical. Definitely worth adding to your car park. Basic Features Comfort and Design: Subaru Levorg Interior The… View Article