About Us

Peach is building the infrastructure to power improved trust, transparency, and customer experience in the growing used-vehicle market across Sub-Saharan Africa to revolutionize car ownership.

We opened our doors in November 2020 with the intention of building a solution for those looking to buy and sell vehicles — whole information on vehicles, quick, secure, and hassle-free transactions.

We have since added additional services, including vehicle servicing and maintenance and more, where we create value for our customers through best-in-class information sharing and customer service.

We have 200+ happy past customers, and are being backed by global investors to grow our business.

Our Core Values

Take Ownership

Do what needs to be done, help others succeed in accomplishing their tasks, and do it all professionally.

Be Respectful

Always interact with maturity and a respectful attitude, and treat every individual fairly.

Have a Growth Mindset

Master your role, but do not remain in your comfort zone. Challenge yourself and others to grow together.

Why Peach?

For Buyers

  • Detailed vehicle information
  • Verification of sellers and vehicles
  • Secured payment and handover
  • Sales administration (e.g. logbook transfers)
  • High-touch support

For Sellers

  • Access to wider customer base
  • Timely sales, at good prices
  • Account management approach with single point of contact
  • Sales processes conducted on your behalf
  • Timely full payment for your vehicle

For Car Maintenance

  • Regular servicing to move complex maintenance and repair jobs
  • Expert advice on car maintenance
  • Clear processes, transparent pricing, and proactive communication giving you peace of mind
  • Quality control systems that ensure outcomes are delivered