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I don't live in Nairobi, can I still use Peach?

Yes, you can still use our platform to sell or buy a car.

However, in order for your car to be graded (which raises the chances of a vehicle being sold) the vehicle needs to come to our location for the inspection or viewing process. You may also request an inspector to come to your location for a small fee.

Can Peach help me buy / sell / maintain a red plated (duty free) car?

Sure thing! We’ve sold a number of duty free vehicles and are well-versed in the additional requirements and processes entailed.

I don’t live in Nairobi, can I still use Peach?

Yes, you can still use our platform to sell or buy a car, provided you or a representative is able to come (with the vehicle, if selling) to Nairobi for the inspection or viewing process. We are working diligently to expand our coverage in the near future.

Why can’t I speak directly with the buyer / seller?

For improved security, Peach acts as an intermediary for all engagement throughout your car purchase or sales journey.

I am looking for a job. What do I do?

We appreciate your enthusiasm to join us. Keep tabs on our LinkedIn page, social channels, and website for updates on open roles.

How does Peach determine a fair market value for vehicles?

After inspection of a vehicle, Peach will cross-reference the details of the car as well as it’s present condition with our internal database of thousands of cars to arrive at a price that aligns with the market.

What’s covered in the Peach inspection report?

Our inspection result covers the condition of the major mechanical systems of a car ~ engine, gearbox and powertrain, brakes, and suspension and steering, as well as the accessories and interior / exterior. We also indicate any issues arising from tests with the diagnostic device and/or engine check device, as well as any immediate repairs the car may need before hitting the road!

What makes Peach different from other showrooms or Jiji?

Peach is a curated marketplace with a physical location for all viewings and test drives. We’re not like Jiji or other online classifieds in that all cars posted on our site are actually for sale, by the seller, and we’ve done some degree of check on the vehicle (from basic to full inspections) and are able to and committed to always providing customers full information about the vehicle. At the same time, we’re not like other showrooms in that we do more than just sell the cars on our lot – from service offerings to how we engage with customers and deliver a delightful experience!

So Peach can help me buy or sell a car. What else?

We can help you for pretty much anything car-related. From car servicing and maintenance, to sorting out your logbook issues and getting the best rates on insurance. Cars is who we are an what we do!

What does an inspection entail?

Inspections are a comprehensive quality check on engine, gearbox and powertrain, brakes, suspension and steering, tires, accessories, and interior / exterior condition. This includes both visual spot-checks, use of a diagnostic machine, and use of a proprietary engine check device that assess the condition of the engine.

The inspector also takes the car out for a road test to assess performance and handling. All of this information is detailed in the inspection report, which both buyer and seller have access to post-inspection!

I don’t see what I’m looking for on your site, is that it?

Not at all! The site gives you a sense of the range of cars we deal in, but if it’s not on the site please reach out to us and we’ll sort you out. We’ve got a more cars in our pipeline so we should be able to match you with the car you want chap chap 🙂

I found a car I like online, now what?

Reach out to us to schedule a viewing and test drive. Take it from there!

Can I view and test drive multiple cars?

Yes, you can! Simply arrange ahead of time with the salesperson managing you and we’ll accommodate your needs.

Does Peach allow negotiations over a listed car?

If the buyer is serious, we are happy to facilitate a conversation with the seller to land on a price that works for everyone!

What is an escrow payment? How does it work?

The use of escrow accounts are a way to guarantee the security of a transaction. Payments made by a buyer are held in an escrow account – an account administered by Peach alone – until the seller transfers car ownership in full, at which point payments are released to the seller. In other words, payment isn’t released until the car, keys, and original logbook are in our hands!

Can I place a deposit and hold the car as I sort financing options?

Yes. If you’re interested in purchasing a vehicle, simply sign our sales agreement and place a deposit, then Peach will give you an allowance of 14 days to clear the balance

Can I test drive a car I see online?

Yes! If you see a car you like you can schedule a viewing – you tell us the day and time and we’ll make it happen. Otherwise, stop by our showroom at your convenience and a member of our team will show you the car and do a test drive with you (as long as you have your driver’s license with you!)

Does Peach have financing options for me?

Peach can connect you with an option that works for your wallet and gets you in the car of your dreams!

Does Peach accept trade-ins?

Yes, Peach does accept trade-ins depending on the make/model and condition of the car.

Why do I have to pay for the inspection and how much does it cost?

These costs cover the time, effort, and resource expenses incurred by our inspection team.

For a limited time, if you choose to leave the car with us we’ll waive all fees. If, however, you don’t want to you’ll pay 2,320 KES + VAT (discounted 50% off normal price!)

What’s needed to list my car on Peach?

Listing your car is easy! Create an account, provide the required information – vehicle details, photo of logbook – and pay 2,320 KES for the inspection. (This rate is 50% off – hurry to list with us before the full price applies!) Then, sit back and relax, we’ll take it from there!

How long will it take to sell my car?

It depends … We’ve sold a car in as fast as 8 hours (!), but on average cars are listed on Peach for 2-4 weeks before being sold. Nevertheless, you can be rest assured we’ll work with you and potential buyers to close the deal as soon as possible.

Does Peach work with brokers?

Yes. If you have a car you’re selling on behalf of a customer, send it to us. Likewise if you have a customer looking for a car.

Can Peach help me sell my car?

Definitely! Its simple, send us basic details of the car and we’ll arrange for an inspection. From there, we’ll list the car and sell it on your behalf. If you leave it with us it’s even easier!

I’ve got multiple cars to sell, is that possible?

Not a problem – the more the merrier!

What are the maintenance services offered?

From general services to specific maintenance / repairs, we can handle it all! Learn more about Car Care here [linked]