Buying a Car

Here's what you need to know about buying a car in Kenya.

Requirements for Owning a Car

There are two proofs of car ownership in Kenya.

  1. Logbook — which is the car title, and
  2. TIMS registration — an online portal under the NTSA website where car ownership, transfer, and management happens.

Requirements for opening TIMS account

You need both of the documents below.

  1. KRA PIN — This is the taxman's certificate in Kenya
  2. National ID or Alien ID — This is your identification card

In the case you don't have any of the above documents, you can appoint a proxy to hold ownership on your behalf as you process your documents, but note, the insurance will be registered under their name as well.
Peach offers consultation sessions to explain our customers on the ownership experience in Kenya. Give us a call.

The Peach Process


Initial Contact

Once you get in touch with us, we seek to understand your needs, budget, timelines, and preference on car models.



Based on what's available on our website and in our networks, our team helps you identify the best potential car to buy.


Viewing & Test Drive

You can come to Peach to view an identified car. A test drive is done. Upon your request, a thorough inspection can be conducted.



We help you handle negotiation, payments, and everything else required to get the car in your possession.


Car Maintenance

We highly recommend getting our maintenance package, which minimizes your costs and keeps accurate records.

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