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We take good care of our customers' cars regardless of whether they bought them at Peach or not.

Express Service

Express Service includes the replacement of oil, oil filter, air filter, and fluids checks. It is sometimes called a "minor service" to keep your car running smoothly if it doesn't have any significant issues.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and repairs entails addressing wear and tear on consumables as well as tackling the large(r) issues that prevent you from having peace of mind around the daily use of your car. Whether it's something new you noticed today or a nagging problem you've been reluctant to address, the experts on the Car Care team will give you a comprehensive break-down of the condition of your vehicle and work with you to identify exactly what you want to be done.

Total service costs are determined based on consumables (quantity of oil, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter, spark plugs, brake pads) used.
Maintenance labor is determined by the task.

The Peach Process


Inspection and diagnosis

The Peach team, in conjunction with the customer, identify the issue(s) at hand and conduct a holistic assessment of the condition of the vehicle - including visual check of problem areas, driving test, and computer diagnosis - to identify the condition of the vehicle at present.



Customer consulted on both immediate repairs required as well as potential future issues. Based on the use of the vehicle, budget, and timelines, repair costs provided to the customer for go-ahead.



Experienced technicians take on the repairs in state of the art facilities.


Relationship management

Customers communicate with a single point of contact at Peach Car Care who will be with them the entire journey. Timely, informative updates are given concerning efforts, outcomes, and timelines providing customer peace of mind.


Quality control check

Once repairs have been completed, cars are put through a similarly rigorous inspection process as when they came in to ensure all issues have been rectified.


Vehicle handover

Once the Car Care team is confident the issues have been resolved, the car is handed back over to the customer. Satisfaction guaranteed or it's on us.

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